Are you one of those who eats one French fry and gains two hundred grams?
Want to workout, but watching slimming videos on YouTube is a favorite pastime?
Do you wish to shed all those extra kilos, but not sure where to start?

If you answered yes to all the questions above then this article will be your guiding spirit!

‘How to lose weight’ is one of the most common queries people make. It seems to be a problem that everyone wants to solve! Joining weight loss programs, hiring a personal fitness trainer , or even registering for slimming programs are some popular approaches.

However, falling in love with exercise and approaching it in the right way to lose weight will help us lose weight and keep it off while maintaining our fitness in the long run.

Understand the concept of weight-loss – so you know how to start working out

When we hear someone talking about weight-loss, what is the first thought that crosses our mind?
Losing the excess fat? Extra inches? Loose skin?

Not approaching weight-loss the right way can result in losing muscle mass, being dehydrated or losing bone mass. These unhealthy approaches for weight loss can result in a weak and disease-prone body.

The right-way to workout to lose weight

The best way to lose weight is by burning extra calories and shedding extra fat.

As your body-fat percentage diminishes, you will start feeling the changes – in your body and in your attitude. This will help lead you closer to a permanently healthier lifestyle.
You will feel more confident, energetic and attractive. Your immune system will improve and you will experience better sleeping patterns. Yes, all of these from just losing weight, the right way.

So, what is the right-way to start on your program?

First, change your mindset if you need to. Rethink extreme notions such as sticking to one of those unhealthy celebrity diets being the best way to lose the extra inches. This may be the fastest way to lose weight, but it’s the unhealthiest way too.

Make sure that the weight you lose is your unwanted body fat, not muscle mass. Progressive resistance programs will help you do this. The right kind of weight loss is best achieved through a combination of weight training and cardio exercises.

A three-step weight loss journey & workout plan:

The following will help you maintain your body ideals in the long term, build stronger and healthier body and fitness levels – and set you on the right path start working out for optimal weight loss.


If you unsure about how to start working out to lose weight, joining a weight loss program and hiring a personal fitness trainer will give you support from the outset.
It’s essential that you get assistance from the beginning of your journey to ensure that the weight-loss program and workout exercises is customized according to your strength, mobility and any injuries.
A personal trainer is thus highly recommended for you to get going in the right direction.


Just to repeat (because it is such a common mistake) – focusing solely on cardio is no way to lose weight! Many of us make this mistake and inevitably end up facing the consequences, including loose skin.
A big part of ‘how to lose weight’ is muscle and strength building. When you focus on building muscles during the weight loss journey, you will speed up the process while increasing your body strength and building better a better shape.


Hiring a personal fitness trainer and sweating day and night through a weight loss program will not give you the desired results if you continue with a diet high in sugar, alcohol and fried dishes.
You need to minimise calorie intake, ensuring that the calories you ingest are made of what your body requires for better functioning. This will help you reach your weight loss (and fitness) goals much earlier.

‘Eat green and clean’. It is not just a trend. It a lifestyle choice that will keep stay healthy. Starting your work out with the right diet will bring you two steps closer to your fitness and weight loss goals from day one.