International Sports Sciences Association Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
International Sports Sciences Association Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition
Completed the Reg Park Master-Trainer Course
Author of The McDonald’s Diet

♦ 1987 – 1997: Founder and Co-owner of the Sharper Image Group of Gyms (42 branches) in South Africa

♦ 1989 – 1992: Co-Founder and Co-owner of Genesis Gym Equipment, the biggest gym equipment manufacturer in South Africa

♦ 1998 – 2002: Owner of World of Health in Johannesburg, South Africa

♦ 2004 – today: Owner of Austin Fitness in Neerach, Switzerland in the last twelve years has helped his clients to lose over 32,000 pounds of body fat.

♦ Appearances on SABC-TV’s Good Morning South Africa

♦ Regular guest on Radio 702

♦ Featured in Oxygen Magazine, The Sunday Times, The Star Newspaper, and Swiss newspapers the Zürich Unterländer and Tages Anzeiger

Mark Austin Personal fitness trainer

Had 4 workouts with Arnold Schwarzenegger and over 1’000 workouts with Arnold’s mentor, the Great Reg Park

The scientific approach to:

Weight Loss



Posture Improvement

Improve balance and coordination

Reaching your personal goals

Make a Change

A gym atmosphere that is professional,

supportive, and friendly.

“I highly recommend this gym!
The owner and trainers are truly passionate about what they do. The training sessions are awesome and definitely hard (in the I-like-to-get-my-arse-kicked kinda way), although the trainers do a great job of switching up routines/techniques and they also keep a close eye on form and tailor routines to suit people of all fitness levels.
Always a great workout…I’ve never been disappointed: in a bit more than a year of training, I’ve lost more than 15 kg and ended up being in the best shape I have ever been in.
Another bonus is that the clients are all great too! Very motivating and positive atmosphere!

Massimo Gherardi

Mark and his team are great. They offer the perfect combination of knowledge, skill, empathy and toughness to help you achieve your goal. Mark is a very experienced trainer and he has figured out how to organize his gym to maximize your efforts. The atmosphere is very focused and everyone is welcome. Not only the staff but the other customers encourage each other which makes it easier to work out. I have lost close to 20 Kg in 7 months and more importantly life is simply much better. I would whole heartily recommend them to anyone in the Zürich area who wants to get into shape, lose weight or improve their physical condition.

Maureen Cronin

I knew that Austin Fitness was very popular for losing weight. I had the other problem: too few kilos on the ribs and too little sports driven.

Mark (Austin) patiently went through my diet with me for weeks and created a training plan specific to me, which I went through with him twice a week.

Already after the first few months I saw the first changes.

But a word of caution: It can be addictive – in weeks when I could not go to Austin, I was not really happy with it 😉

Anthony Spälti


Austin Fitness