“The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides a champion from someone who is not a champion.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

I first heard about Austin Fitness Personal Fitness Training from my neighbour, who was gradually becoming slim and fit. I recently had to buy clothes for myself in a bigger size because everything had become too tight. As a result of no exercise and unhealthy and irregular eating I was increasingly gaining weight.This was followed by first appointment with Mark and the tests and measurements were sobering: I was very overweight, at the edge of obesity, had poor values of fitness and little vigour.

Highly motivated, I entered into the program, re-organised my eating habits and went twice a week for training.

The pounds rolled off, my strength increased and I was getting fitter. In addition to that my body was feeling better, my self-confidence also increased, and it even increased my motivation to continuously improve my body. Climbing stairs instead of going by an escalator had earlier never occurred to me.

Rita training at Austin Fitness in Neeracht

Today I prefer stairs, walk more instead of going by tram and I travel a lot with the bicycle. The headaches that bothered me on a weekly basis before training, disappeared with the training.

My stamina and my strength have dramatically increased thanks to the professional training program and the sympathetic but firm instructions from Mark. It has also increased my quality and joy of my life as well.

Rita S. Oberweningen

From being a morbidly obese health risk, I lost 42 kgs and reached „Level Black“, the highest level of strength and fitness possible at Austin Fitness.

I can say without any doubt that I would never have reached any of my goals without Mark

Yvonne S.

yvonne training at Austin Fitness in Neeracht

“Something that does not exist cannot hurt !“

That’s how Mark answered my question as to why my stomach muscles did not hurt after my first workout, whereas everything else did.

Since then I have attended Austin Fitness on a regular basis. How I have changed under Mark’s guidance and instruction is almost unimaginable for me. 38 kilos weight loss, freedom from back pain, normalization of my lifelong high blood pressure problem, no more permanently sweating, no more snoring, a varied, healthy but enjoyable eating style, excellent muscularity and fitness and general enjoyment of sport and movement. Yes, Mark is truly a specialist in body transformation!

reini training at Austin Fitness in Neeracht

Mark Austin – the „triple-C“ Trainer (competent, consequent and congenial)

Mark’s work is professional and balanced. His knowledge of all things related to fat loss, muscle building, nutrition and health are extraordinary. Arrive for a workout with any pain or an injury and he knows immediately how to adapt your training to protect the injured part. Simple tips help to maintain your training schedule while traveling or even at home. In addition, come poignant and relevant principles and invaluable life lessons.

Despite years of experience Mark keeps himself current, with training and traveling to attend courses all over the world.

Regardless of whether it’s about your weight, your nutrition or the precise execution of a movement, Mark is always absolutely honest. Sometimes it is comfortable, other times less so. But it always comes in a reassuring tone. Mark knows exactly what he wants and pursues his goals until he reaches them. I have benefited enormously from this.

Despite unbending consistency, Mark is a very approachable guy with whom one can also laugh and have a good time. He’s always willing to talk about changing personal goals. The atmosphere in the studio is focused and yet still enjoyable and fun.

My training at Austin Fitness is one of the highlights of my week and yes, sometimes I also feel my stomach muscles these days.

Reini K.

Initially, I was reluctant to go to a fitness center as my family doctor advised. But on my very first visit, I was struck by the professionalism and helpfulness of Mark. He also turned out to be a very good motivator, was understanding but at the same time was also a tough coach who kept exact records on my performance and slowly and safely made me fit and mobile again.

Within a few months and without much effort, I lost about 15 Kilos of body weight. Here is a great, serious coach, who gives personal attention to each person. I myself will go there for a long time in order to stay in shape.

Heinrich L
Former private banking manager of the Julius Baer

Since July 2005, I have been an extremely satisfied customer of Austin Fitness.

I don’t need to lose weight, I do not want to be on the Wall of Fame and I do not want to exercise like a maniac.

I only want to stay fit, strengthen my back, improve my posture and know that I am doing something good for my body and my health.

Mark is extremely professional, competent and likable and I can recommend him to others without hesitation.

Kenny Eichenberger
owner – Kenny’s

Kenny training at Austin Fitness in Neeracht

Now it is more than a year, that I am a regular and enthusiastic visitor to your Fitness program. When I started, I was almost 20 kilos heavier, had to take blood-pressure medication every day and used to break out into a sweat just at the sight of stairs

With the nutritional advice and the exercises I get from you, today I feel really happy in my own skin. I have good stamina, much more power and do not need any more blood pressure tablets. I don’t have back pain any more, in summer I can climb the stairs up to third floor without sweating and I am not breathless when I reach the top.

I wish you further success and may many more people have the same positive experience with you.

Renè B.

Ren training at Austin Fitness in Neeracht

I’m have been very involved in my profession for many years and did not have time to go to a gym, even though I always did sports all my life. Suddenly I weighed 96 kilograms even though I still felt quite fit and strong.

With my first appointment at Mark on the 15th of October 2010, I started a strong new life. The first few weeks I found it difficult to train because I first had to get my body strong and I also realized that I was not as fit as I thought. But what motivated me to persevere, were the regular improvements I achieved. My weight dropped quickly, I was also getting stronger and my general fitness increased enormously. I was a true sports fan again !

Rolf training at Austin Fitness in Neeracht

I lost over 20 kilos in a relatively short time, I am very fit and athletic and I mow my own lawn at home myself.

I will continue to train with Mark and recommend it to all who really seriously want to lose weight and to get fit get hold of Mark. It does work, I am the best proof.

Rolf Wälchli
Managing Director – Distronics AG

When I started with Mark my goal was not to lose weight or to eliminate any aches or pains, but rather to improve my performance in a sport in which I competed at a very high level.

Like many, I had been to other gyms but was always unsure if I was doing the right exercises or using too much or too little weight. With Mark, it is totally different. Every time I go he tells me which exercises to do, what weight to use, how many repetitions, and makes sure I am doing the exercise correctly.

My progress exceeded my expectations and as a nice side effect I have also ended up with a very nicely sculptured body 🙂

Gabriela Stehli

Gabriela training at Austin Fitness in Neeracht

I lived with constant back pain, was overweight and totally unsporting. At first, the thought of training and changing my eating habits was not at all appealing. But then I reached a stage that I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror.

Completely unfit and lacking in strength I went for a trial workout with Mark. Success followed quickly, I lost weight and gained fitness and strength. And then an interesting thing happened . . . as I became fitter and stronger and leaner, I found myself really looking forward to the training.

Mark is very knowledgeable and he passes that knowledge on very well.

Jolanda training at Austin Fitness in Neeracht

Now I eat a healthy, seasonal and varied diet and cannot imagine not training That hour in the gym is something I do just for myself and it gives me energy and strength for the rest of the day.

I have never felt better!

Jolanda Egli
Eglis-Hoflade, Steinmaur

When I had my first workout with Mark my personal aim was to strengthen the muscles of my upper body and particularly my lower back as I suffered from frequent back pain. Of course, I also wanted to improve my entire body image and lose a little weight.

Today I still go twice a week to Mark for training. I have achieved all my major goals, thanks to his help and his enormous expertise. My back pain is history and my body image has changed dramatically for the better. I had never thought that even I could achieve so much.

Sabine Mischler

Sabine training at Austin Fitness in Neeracht

Many times before I have registered at a fitness center but stopped going after a few times.

This has totally changed since I came to know Mark. The appointment is fixed and I am going! It is a relief that I do not have to think about what and how will I exercise today, but instead Mark does it. He adjusts the training according to your condition, proportions and fitness level. When your coach is standing nearby one does not gives up easily. I can also be sure that I am doing the exercises correctly because Mark always has an eye on it. It makes you proud when you can lift more weight, have a flat belly and a straight body posture.

It is important to me that I find a likable personal coach! Mark is pleasant, humorous and cheerful. I do not always like to go there, but I am always happy when I am there!

Brigit Gabathuler

I first became aware of Mark’s fitness training, when I saw one of my friends after some time, and noticed that he had lost a significant amount of weight.

Today, after one year of training and a weight loss of about 19 Kg, I feel fit and my knee and back problems do not exist any more.

Even though sometimes I would have no time, I always go to my exercise sessions because I always feel so much better afterwards.

Another thing I find good is that one can tell Mark if he is not feeling well so that he can change the exercises accordingly.

Ralf Walser

I train twice a week since Dec. 2008 at Austin Fitness. Since then, my health, my fitness, my strength, and my strength has reached a very high level. I have also lost 14 kilograms. The impetus for that I got from a very honest neighbour who ensured by my well-being and my fitness has recommended Austin 🙂

Mark is the perfect trainer! Always cheerful and always well-balanced, he repeatedly impresses me with his professionalism. His repertoire of exercises and variations are endless and always tailored to the individual athlete. The stunningly equipped studio also helps.

I have come to regard Mark as a friend because he has awakened something in me that I never want to miss: the feeling of strength and power in everyday life and increased resistance to illness and injury is a totally new and incredible way to live. Mark has also spurred my ambition to the defined by him, the highest level of fitness – to reach the Black Level. I’ve finally managed to accomplish this recently thanks to his support and with disciplined training, and I am proud and grateful.

Just recently I learned a very practical benefit of regular exercise. In a skiing accident, I prevented a very serious injury thanks to the strength of legs. I am convinced that a muscular body acts as a protective shield to the outside and is also very nice looking.

Strength training has become a very important part of my everyday life. After the holidays, it is the training schedule, to which I look forward to most.

We in the Zurich Unterland are very fortunate to have Austin Fitness in Neerach and is worth every penny.

Corinne Rüegg

On 1st July 2008, I was rushed to the emergency room of Bülach, on a suspected cardiac arrhythmia. Now I was going to have to completely overhaul my lifestyle at the young age of 44 years!

By this time, my wife Monika had already completed two months with Mark in the gym. I just could not believe that in such a short span of time Monica had improved her condition so much and in particular had lost so much weight. I saw her as if she were experiencing a second spring, it was amazing. I was always curious as to how did Mark actually did it. He must be such an expert ?

Actually, I should have gone much earlier. Monika and I have found a leisure activity where we have fun together; sometimes pain, laughter and we motivate each other. The success can be seen, together we have lost over 28 kg.

I have also completed several marathons and even an ultramarathon (100kms)

Not bad for someone who couldn’t even jog around the block !

Monika und Hans-Peter Schneider


Austin Fitness