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I have spent the last 35 years researching the best methods for losing weight and getting that lean and toned athletic look. If you want to get into your best possible shape quickly, then book a free trial now.

Why choose Austin Fitness For Personal Fitness Training?

When I look at the cross-section of any health club clientele, I have noticed that their physical condition is not much better than a cross-section of the general public. Many people are members of a health club for years, some of them even attend regularly, but they still don’t look any better.

So how is Austin Fitness different ?


When you join a gym you are shown how to do your exercise program once or twice. If you forget how to do an exercise after that you are able to ask a trainer, but most of us feel uneasy doing that because we have already been shown how to do it and we feel foolish to ask again. So instead we only do the exercises we remember, or we watch how some other member does it. This other member may be doing the exercise incorrectly themselves, or they may be doing a different version of the exercise or even a completely different exercise on the same piece of equipment. But we copy them anyway.


When we are at the gym we often skip the exercises we don’t enjoy (which are often the most important ones). When a particular exercise starts to hurt we often stop before we should because we know no-one will know.


When it is time to go to gym, often we find something else to do and end up missing workouts.


We stay on the same exercise program month after month, sometimes year after year. Your body adapts to an exercise within about 2 weeks. If you continue to do that same exercise with the same weight and the same number of repetitions, after 2 weeks you are no longer progressing, you are just maintaining. If you do that for 3 years, you are no better off than you were after the first 2 weeks at the gym.


This combination of missed workouts, skipped exercises, half efforts, incorrect exercise movements and doing the same thing for too long means we get inferior results at best, no results or even injuries at worst. So if we are spending the time, spending the money, sweating and straining and we are getting no results . . . we very soon give up on our exercise program altogether. Only 20% of the membership base of any commercial health club is active. 80% of the paid-up members NEVER attend !


When you train with Austin Fitness you make your appointments in advance. Your Personal Fitness Trainer will be waiting for you for every workout, so you show up.


Your Personal Fitness Trainer watches you every minute of every workout, so you always do everything perfectly correctly. And you never skip an exercise or do it half-heartedly.


Your Personal Fitness Program is designed for your individual body, needs and goals.


Your Personal Fitness Program is adapted to your progress every time you come. Either the weights, the repetitions, the duration or the exercises are changed.


You see measurable progress in your performance every workout. Every workout you are able to do more than you were able to do before.


These rapid and regular improvements are what keep you motivated to continue. Nothing is more motivating than quick results that you can see.

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