It is widely agreed that the No.1 reason people stop attending gym is because they do not have a personal trainer! Continued gym attendance is the first, overall, benefit of having someone guide and inspire you from the start.

Recent studies have suggested that as many as 80% of the people who pay for a gym contract, stop attending gym after the first few sessions.
After the first few weeks in the gym many people find it boring to do the same exercises.
They may also complain that they see no visible results after a few weeks of working out in the gym.
With no-one to guide them, people often lose motivation and interest in working out.

A personal fitness trainer can make all the difference to your time in gym, keep you attending, and help you achieve your fitness goals.

How a personal trainer can transform your workouts.

The following details why it is not only beneficial to work out under the able assistance of a personal trainer, but also esssential if you want the best results.

These benefits will transform your experience of working out in a gym and return your investment in personal fitness instruction many times over.

1. Working out the right way

When you join a gym, you’ll be shown how to go about your exercise program. However, after the initial explanations, you are left on your own for the most part.
Over a period of time, you may forget what you were instructed to do and end up exercising incorrectly if there is no-one to ensure that you continue doing the exercises as shown.
This will not bring you any benefits. Worse – it may be detrimental for your body.
But if you have your own personal fitness instructor, he or she will watch over you, tell you if you are doing the exercises wrong and even motivate you further when you do them right.
Most importantly, you can ask them about any doubts or difficulties as you progress. They will be able to resolve all your issues immediately. This will ensure that you continue your workout program – correctly.

2. Exercise Program personally tailored for your goals and objectives

Every individual is built differently and has different fitness goals. Therefore, no gym can offer a ‘one size fits all’ workout solution.
For example, weightlifting may be the correct program for someone who wants to build biceps, but not for someone who wants to lose belly fat.
A personal trainer will investigate your fitness goals and then give you a customized workout program designed to suit your body, age, health condition and your end objective.

3. Training program adapted to changing body needs

Your body adapts to any training regime within 3 to 5 weeks. After this period, you need to change the workout routine to optimize the benefits.
If you do not change the workout pattern, you won’t continue to get the same level of benefits out of your workout.
That’s why most people who work out without professional guidance complain of no results after the initial training.
A personal fitness instructor will make changes to your workout routine every few weeks, according to how your body is adapting to the training.

4. Gain Measurable Results

Often, people do not follow the workout regime given by the instructor, randomly picking out exercises they like instead.
For example, if a person is comfortable on a treadmill, they may skip other exercises that are recommended for them, spending all their time on the treadmill. These missed exercises can act as a hindrance and hinder overall progress.
A personal trainer will ensure that you follow your exercise regime as instructed, and not work out randomly.
When you follow professional advice on your workouts, you’ll benefit from truly measurable results. Nothing can be more motivating than seeing visible and measurable results!

Benefit from Professional Fitness Instruction – the Austin Fitness Difference

Austin Fitness offers highly experienced training professionals who can offer you all these benefits.

Our primary goal is to ensure that every person who joins our fitness club derives optimal value from their time spent training.
Every member who visits us has a dedicated instructor and coach who waits on them, checks out on their exercise regime and ensures that they stay on track of their routine. Simply put, no more missed exercises, missed schedules or halfhearted approach to workouts!

You’ll start with a pre-workout appointment. Your personal trainer will be ready to help you tailor your workout routine, offering professional advice on all concerns and answer any questions you may have.
Additionally, if you are struggling with a particular health condition, your trainer will adapt your workout to accommodate or address your injury or medical concerns.

All in all, professional trainers can make a massive difference to the success of your exercise program.

Contact Austin Fitness today, and make your workouts a productive and enjoyable experience!